Thank you so much for my Reading Tricia! It was very easy for me to understand the message and I am pleased with the feedback I received about my question. I definitely feel that I gained some clarity about my situation and I can feel more confident moving forward in life and knowing that I am on the right path to receiving love. I am open to it and can’t wait to experience it.
I look forward to receiving more guidance from you on many different subjects of life and I would defiinitely recommend you to anyone that I know who may be looking to get a reading done.
Thank you once again! Namaste!
— Felicia W. age 28, Florida

I want to thank you for your kind and perceptive reading today, Tricia. Also the tarot deck you used was beautiful. It must be very special as I can’t find it anywhere. Thanks again. I will come back to you after a little time. All the best to you!
— Nicole L., age 79 - Colorado

Tricia made me a believer with a reading that she completed for me in 2012. I was skeptical at the time of receiving the reading, but her knowledge of the Tarot cards and her ability to translate those cards into life experiences gave me the ability to see my own life and hardships in greater detail and more understanding.
My reading gave me the ability to rethink how to approach a particularly nast emotionally charged situation. The reading for my present and future was extremely accurate, down to each final detail. I recommend Tricia and eagerly anticipate the results of another reading!
— Katherine, age 34 - Alaska

Hi Tricia,
Thank you SO much for such an amazing reading!! It most definitely brought the direction and clarity I was looking for.
It confirmed to me that I have made the right decision to leave my narcissistic husband.
I really loved your explanation, and I, too, need the words to describe what I’m looking at, so thanks for that!!!
I hope you have an awesome weekend!
— Lynn, age 48, Software Sales - Pennsylvania

Thank you sooo much for this wonderful reading! I’ve had readings in the past but for the most part have always left me feeling bummed! Yours was wonderful, you made my reading fun! I truly appreciate it!
I look forward to more readings from you!
— Deysi, age 27

The accuracy of my reading was amazing. The reading talked about some struggles I was having at the time and was soon overcoming. After listening to my entire reading it inspired me to move forward with a wiser sense of self. I feel more positive about the future. I am grateful for the reading and delighted to give this review to Tricia.
— Gabriela, age 43 - California

Thank you so much for my Reading. I really appreciate your insight and direct approach. I will take the advice given into consideration. I can’t wait to contact you in a few weeks for an update!
— Nic B., age 32 - California

Tricia’s readings are always spot on, and hit quite close to home. Many of them have gotten me through interesting times in my life, and I take each word she says to heart. Love this woman. Love her readings, they always leave me feeling centered and ready for the day!
— Zoe, age 18, Student - Seattle, WA