Specialty Readings

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In addition to my Personal Tarot Readingsand Oracle Card Readings I offer the following:

Specialty Readings. Here you can purchase a Birthday forecast, inquire about your present Life Journey, or ask what the New Year or the upcoming Season may have in store for you?

Take time for yourself and for the gift of guidance with a Specialty Tarot Reading!

I can help provide answers and guidance to your questions!

The Readings listed here require no question as they are an overview of your life journey and are indicated as such. 

Simply select your Reading, click Add to Cart, and you'll have a reading back to you in 48 hours (Monday thru Friday.) 

Look below at the descriptions. If nothing appeals to you, be sure to look under my Oracle Card Readings.If you're still unsure look at my Buy a Reading Page. 


BIRTHDAY FORECAST​ - This is the perfect choice for your Birthday - what do the next 12 months have in store for you?

No Question Necessary ($54)

LIFE'S A JOURNEY - Our life is a Journey. This Spread gives you insight to the following: What are you leaving behind (or what do you need to leave behind?!) - Why are you being called on this Journey? What is your Guiding light? What Challenges are coming up and what is your Final Destination? No Question Necessary ($54)

THE LIFE SPREAD - This 28 card spread covers the basic areas of your Present Situation, Home life, Career life, Love life and your Future outlook. This is a great spread to do every 3, 6 or 12 months depending on how quickly things come into play in your life.

No Question Necessary ($108)