These are cards which are specific to a purpose or theme,

such as Life Purpose, Messages from your Angles, Romance Angels, Fairies or Deceased Loved Ones.

All Readings are via Email Only and for 1 (one) question unless otherwise indicated. 

Email Readings must be completed / your question asked within 90 days of purchase. 

​All sales are final, I do not offer refunds! 

​Needing some Spiritual guidance?  Feeling 'off balance' and wondering how to get back in touch with your Spirit? 
~ Wondering what your Life Purpose is? 
~ Do you want to connect to your guides for their advice? 
~ Has someone passed away and you'd like some Validation that they are O.K. ?
~ Would you like to get in touch with your Romance Angels or the Fairies for guidance?

These cards can help you to reconnect and get started on your Spiritual Journey, help you find your purpose and give you a new view of your Life Journey. 

TALKING TO HEAVEN -  Do you have a loved one that has passed over? When using this spread you can ask a question of your loved one and I can deliver an answer from them to you. Limit of 3 questions ($36)

LIFE PURPOSE - Are you going thru a Transition in your life and wondering what your Life Purpose may be? When using these cards, I can give you some much needed insight.  

MESSAGES FROM YOUR ANGELS - Ask your Angels a variety of questions when I use this 3 card spread.

HEALING WITH THE FAIRIES - In love with the Fairy Realm? These cards will give you guidance from these delightful little creatures! ($36)

ROMANCE ANGELS ORACLE CARDS - These cards focus upon all things love related. Receive guidance about your romantic status, clarity about your soul-mate relationships, how do you attract more love into your life or what do you need to change to have the love life you want? ($36)


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