FAQ & How to Ask A Question

What are Tarot Cards? 

A structured deck of 78 cards broke down into 22 Major Arcana and 56 Minor Arcana cards. The Major Arcana depict Major life lessons and/or our Life Journey while the Minor Arcana depict the nitty-gritty/day-to-day life activities.

The Minor Arcana also has different Suits:

Cups represent our Emotions & Relationships & Water.

Wands represent Action & Ideas/Movement & Fire.  

Swords represent the Intellect our Thoughts & Air.

Pentacles represent  our Material Possessions &  Money & Earth. 


What are Oracle Cards?

Cards of a various number contained in each deck which is specific to a purpose or theme, such as Healing, Messages from your Angles, Fairies, Archangels or Deceased Loved Ones.

What kind of questions do you ask a Tarot Reader...?

What makes for a GOOD Question?

The best questions are those that guide and empower you to make the decisions you need to. These questions are usually open ended allowing space to explore different options or possibilities. The questions also focus on You and not someone else. You have the greatest influence over your life because of the choices you make.

Including a time frame can also help to get wonderful results. For example you could ask:
“Will I meet my boyfriend / girlfriend in the next 3 months?”  Or   “Will I change jobs in the next 6 months?”   As life is ever changing and evolving I generally do not advise going beyond a 12 month period.

 In addition, life is always moving forward and as they say hindsight is 20/20. 

A question about something that has already happened isn’t going to be particularly helpful. Such as – “Why didn’t I get that Job that I interviewed for?”  Instead you might ask “What might I need to do to better prepare for the next job interview?” or “Is there a better job offer coming my way?”   or  “What guidance can the Tarot provide for my next job interview?” or "What is my Life Purpose?" 

 Great ways to phrase a question:

What guidance can the Tarot provide for my next romantic relationship?
What is my largest obstacle in my current career? 
What is the largest obstacle in my Job hunt?
How can I improve my ability to ________?
What do I need to know about _________?  Another way I phrase this one is: Guidance on ____, please and thank you!
How can I improve my ability to ________?
I have this ‘Dilemma’ and 2, or 3 options – What would the outcome be of option A, B, or C?
Which place would be best for me to move to? Place A or Place B?
What do I need to focus on right now?
What message do my Guides/Angles have for me?
What is my Life Purpose?
Who or What is influencing me the most right now?
How can I have more fun in my life?
What do I need to open myself up to right now?
What is my biggest obstacle / block currently?
What can I do to bring more Love into my life? or Peace, or Abundance?... you get the idea.. 

What Makes a "BAD" Tarot question?

Overall, there really isn't anything really 'bad' it might just need a bit of rephrasing but there are ... those questions, the ones that you want to ask – but already know the answer to? Or the ones that – I’m just not going to go there with you. See below! 

Will my Lover leave his Wife  / her Husband?   - This just brings up ethical, privacy and accuracy issues because we’re dealing with someone else’s choices. Sure you may be influential in the choice - however, if the Apple Cart is being driven and the Apple in the cart is aware that the Driver of the cart is enjoying other Apples on the side and not just the Apple in the cart. They’re probably okay still being in that Apple Cart… okay….!

Will I win the Lottery or the Powerball or…?   - Well, let me see… did you buy a ticket? If you didn’t I can already tell you (as can anyone else) that No you will not win. The lottery is a game of chance, so leave it up to chance and not up to the cards to answer that question.

Am I Pregnant? Do I have a STI, Cancer, this that or the other etc.  - Go buy a pregnancy test, see your Physician, do what you need to do for you to get checked out and be healthy. Again, I am not a Doctor, Nurse or Physician to give you a prognosis or diagnosis.

Should I do …..?  This is a question that needs rephrasing because you need to take responsibility for your own Life by making your own Choices!! Here we could go with:  “If I choose Option A, or Option B – what are the outcome of each?” This gives you clarity over your choice.

Does so & so hate me? – Is this really something you want to know??? This right here is a LOT of negativity going on and you are letting go of your Personal Power. And if they do hate you, then what? THAT is how they feel, just let it go, put some socks on, dance it out in the kitchen and enjoy your own Sun!

Am I going to die? – Well unless you’ve found the Fountain of Youth I’d say this doesn’t need to be answered.  And it is a bit morbid. If you’re worried about your health then a good question would be: “What can I do to improve my health at this time?”

What is the name of my Soul Mate?  - This is a difficult question to get an answer to. I believe that as we go thru life we have different Soul Mates for a period of time. Sometimes that time together reaches the wonderful 50th Golden Anniversary and then some, but other times it’s only a few months, maybe even just a few days.  A GOOD question here could be: “What can I do to attract my Soul Mate into my life in the next X time period - say 3, 6, 9, 12 months?”

When will I get Married? – Let me ask you this: Are you actively pursuing dating/relationship or are you waiting for Mr. /Ms. Soul Mate to drop themselves on your front porch all tied up in a bow? Again due to the choices we make in our everyday lives this will initiate a certain outcome. So if you’re waiting for the next cute Census worker to come and knock on your door ….see where I’m going with this?  Now, if you are in a serious relationship with someone and are wanting to know what the next stage of the relationship may look like, then I sure can help you with this. If you’re wanting an actual Date so you can party like its 1999, not going to happen.