Focusing Your Will

Focus Your Will

Is there something that you’d like to accomplish? What is it? Why haven’t you done so?

What is holding you back?

What motivates you?


Now that we’re a month into the New Year and another New Year beginning, the Chinese Year of the Pig, take a moment to stop and think about the above questions?  Then decide, is this year going to be the same as the last few or, will it be better?

The 8 of Pentacles is our Card of the Month. Pentacles are indicators of our Foundation – our work, home, finances/money, material possessions and health. This month of February the 8 of Pentacles encourages us to separate ourselves from the distractions of our life so we may focus our will upon our craft, upon our task at hand.

This is a great month to look into furthering your education, most Colleges or Universities have some late start classes so you can still enroll! For other ideas why not try to hone your skills & get to a higher level with what you do already?! Take your sheer determination & concentration to up the ante or master a new skill set. So long as you are diligent your hard work will be extremely satisfying! Tasks may seem repetitive, but through this repetition you are learning a great deal.

If you are unhappy with your current life situation, how can you change it? This card is a positive sign that you CAN change your circumstances and are ready, willing and able to do so! Through your determination you will see success!

The above doesn’t seem to fit? Perhaps you need a change of view? Change your thoughts & focus your will, this turns your thoughts into reality. By doing this you will create what you see in your mind. Your limits, are only what you can imagine.

Change is difficult but it is the only ever constant too. Change elicits Fear. You must control your fear, as it restricts your actions and thoughts. When you can’t act or think clearly, you can’t manifest. Your will is gone, fear has won and YOU ... you die. Your Soul, your Spirit dies a little bit.


Can’t seem to ‘make a change’ because you’ve too many other obligations?

Stop Being So Busy

Did you know that talking about how busy you are stresses you out even more? Just the simple act of talking about it wastes the time that you could be doing that ‘something’ that you’re too busy for. It also sends out negative energies, negative emotions and enhances the physical sensations we associate with feeling stressed out.

So, how do you fix this?

 Yoda said it best: ‘Do, or do not. There is no try.’

Now, get out there and get after it!