You Are a Magician!

Here we are, a week into the New Year and how are you doing on those Resolutions?

Or, did you make any at all? If you did, what did you decide they were going to be this year? The same as last year, or perhaps even the year before that?

 Were they some of the following: You’re going to go on a diet? You’ll join the gym and actually go this year, or you’re finally going to save more and spend less? Maybe you’re going to open that business of your dreams or quit the job you really, really hate?!

 We all desire change to some extent, but we’re all a bit scared of it. Change is getting out of our comfort zone, making a shift, committing to something new. This committing to something new can be the kicker. Why? Because you’re making a change in a habit. The old ways are like a cozy blanket of familiarity draped around us. Warm, comforting, peaceful …

 If you’re wanting change, you’ll have to start at the beginning and take a leap of faith – you have to go back to where the story began. In order to make a sustainable change you’re going to have to dig in deep and change your habits. Just like our Card for the Month of January, The Magician – you’ll have to harness the Magic within you.

 Here are some ideas to make those new resolutions stick:

 Realize that change doesn’t happen overnight.

Because we are creatures of habit, it can take a bit of time to develop a new habit. You may start something and then falter, then pick it up again. Reports state that it can take anywhere from 18 days to 8 months to formulate a new habit and make it stick! So, when you’re in the middle of trying to make that change, something to remember is that it takes time and most importantly, dedication. Just keep after it, little by little and you’ll see the change.


Change your thoughts.

I’ve always believed that our thoughts can be our best friend or our worst enemy. Do you spew negative thoughts about others or most importantly yourself, often? Time to change from glass half empty to half full mentality! If you’re trying to lose weight, or perhaps save more and spend less, what are your thoughts about it? Are you positive that you can make the change or are you filling yourself full of negative self-talk: ‘Oh I will never lose the weight, I’ll always be fat’ or ‘I can’t save any money because I’m not good at budgeting’ or ‘I’m not good looking enough, I’m not smart enough, I’m not, I’m not, I’m not’ …..   STOP!  You are awesome! You are because you have Magic within you. Now you just need to dig in and bring it out!

 Take the negative thoughts and change them up into something positive. Turn the ‘Oh I’ll never lose the weight’ into ‘I am healthy and making progress little by little.’ How about ‘I save money quickly and easily!’ instead of ‘I can’t save any money, because I’m terrible at budgeting.’ It will be a bit of a ping pong match going on in your head for a bit, but changing those negative thoughts into positive ones will help you start on the path to change.


Gain a support group

You’ll need to hold yourself accountable, one easy way to do this is to have your family and friends help you out, or you can join a group of like-minded people. When we have others that are along for the ride, it becomes that much more enjoyable.


So as you think over making some New Year’s Resolutions, know that you CAN accomplish them! Just like our card The Magician, you’ve got all the Magic within you. Any new projects that you start will be very successful, you have the touch of a Magician!

Did you realize you may be underestimating your skill and knowledge that you've accumulated?! You are prepared for this moment in life & ready to deal with your situation to bring things to fruition. The road ahead for you is safe, smooth and sure. Of course the most important thing: You have to take action! Move forward with your plans and have no doubt as to your coming success!

 Best wishes for a successful New Year!