Tarot ... My place to unwind.

How I came upon this Journey...
My Mom had an interest in Astrology and Dad would often talk about 'good omens' when I was growing up, so I already had an open mind when I started my Tarot Journey. I've also been rather intuitive since I was a little girl, this has stayed with me and become stronger as I ventured into adulthood. In addition I would see the Tarot cards represented in Hollywood movies and always wondered if the manner in which Hollywood portrayed the cards, their meanings and the Readings were realistic? Or just Hollywood trying to entice us or, more often than not, frighten the movie goers?!

In 2009 I was going through an unexpected major life transition. The writing was on the wall in great big letters, yet I was blind and didn't see it!  A coworker of mine told me she had been to see a Tarot Card Reader to help her gain clarity and some closure after her father's sudden passing, as well as guidance for some of her own personal dilemmas.

Because of my already open mind, I decided to go for a reading and I'm so happy I did!  During my reading I felt so much comfort from the Reader. She also validated some things I brought up concerning the transition I was going through at that time; she gave me some different aspects to consider for my remaining Life Journey that year. As I said, the writing was on the wall but I didn't see it and, because of the Tarot Reading I had on that day everything became clear! And now I was armed with information to go forward with eyes wide open! I was aware of the ‘pot holes’ in the road, the ‘blind spots’ and where I needed to speed up or where I needed to just coast for a bit.

After that reading in 2009 I decided to investigate the Tarot further and am now a self-taught reader. In my toolbox for life, Tarot is my “go to”! It has allowed me to harness my intuition in a way that I can share it with others.

I've done many readings for my friends & family. I then felt called to share the gift of my Intuition through Tarot and Oracle Card Readings with others so they too, may have the gift of clarity and direction.

I love helping people and this is my way of doing so; I see Tarot as my ‘tool’. My goal is to help others gain clarity, awareness and for you to live your Life Journey to the fullest!

          Thank you for allowing me to help you & be your guide! 



How I do your Email Tarot Reading...

Why do an email tarot reading? Simplicity really. Time zones aren't a problem and you have the opportunity to review your reading on your own time. 

It is my desire to give to you the Best Possible Reading, therefore I have different Spreads and Cards I use to give you the best answer to your question.  Once I have received the necessary information from you I get to work on your Tarot or Oracle Card Reading. (In addition to your Question/s I request your full name and birth date as well as a photo of you - as it helps me to connect as a Reader)  

Focusing upon your question, I shuffle and cut the cards. After doing so, I draw from the deck the necessary number of cards needed for the specific spread I am using to answer your question and let my intuition do the rest! 

Once I have your Reading completed I will email your Personal Reading to you within 48 hours (Monday - thru - Friday) via E-mail as a PDF document. (Unless stated otherwise, look at the Reading description!) 

I also have other options available, such as Telephone or In-Person Readings. If the Email Reading isn't your thing, go to my Services page to look at these other options!